80 Pre-Primary Schools in the Sundarbans delta villages are providing basic pre school & value based education to 2500 students. Yoga, pranayama, and meditation are integral part of the curriculum to strengthen the child’s ability to focus and accomplish chores with a calm mind. LDLM is committed to bring the light of education to these under privileged section of the society thus enriching their lives & strengthening their moral values.


Flexible to the Core - Our LDLM yoga teacher, Nimai Biswas, and his students regularly undertake workshops & demonstrate how almost anything & everything can be accomplished with the human body through yoga & meditation .Yoga fortifies determination, and hard work among its students.


These students accomplish major yoga feats with pride and conviction and display spectacular performances of yoga and gymnastics . Mission stresses on imparting physical education for all-round development of healthy mind & body.


Baba Lokenath Vidya Mandir (Pre-and Primary Schools for poor children) : LDLM has also started formal schools at the primary level to impart value based education to the children belonging to the poorest sections of the society. 4 such schools with about 200 students at the nursery and kindergarten level have already created its own place as education institutions to create the true citizens of tomorrow.



Through BOOK BANK Mission provides textbooks in large numbers to the meritorious and poor students who cannot afford to buy the textbooks .These Book Banks have already helped thousands of students to study materials round the year .


Naba Diganta (New Horizon) Project: Rural Computer Schools for Poor Students


Our first Computer Center was opened at Khulna, Sandeshkhali, Block 1, 24 North Parganas. catering to 60 students and exposing them to the fancy world of computers. The Mission’s second Rural Computer School for poor students was initiated on Nov 1st 2008 at North 24 Parganas, in Boyermari , Block 1. A six month Basic Computer Course was launched which covers use of the operating system, MS Word, Power Point, MS Excel, as well as use of basic hardware. The class meets twice a week and students may come as often as they wish to practice and build their skills. In keeping with the philosophy of self-help and LDLM’s experience that personal investment is a critical motivating element to gaining maximum advantage of any program, each student pays a nominal fee of Rs. 60 (about $1.25 USD) for the six month course




Scholarships are provided every year for meritorious poor students to continue imparting higher level of education to groom them to be worthy citizens imbibing highest level of social, moral & cultural values. Significant number of students from the deprived sections of the village community has been benefited under this scheme.


Asgar Ali, a talented young painter and former LDLM pre primary student, exhibited his artworks at the Lokenath Milan Utsav '2009 Festival. He belongs to a very poor family but had a burning desire to be a worthy painter. The Mission gave him a monthly stipend under LDLM scholarship programme that not only took care of mastering his art but at the same time support his family financially also.


6 STREET SCHOOLS under LDLM in Kolkata’s slums serve 190 impoverished children with joyful learning through fun and creativity. Great care is taken in fostering children’s energy and concentration level through art, traditional dance, yoga and meditation, basic literacy training and formative recreational methods.


The program’s primary goals are:

• to assure the children that they are loved and are valuable assets


• to counsel the parents to continue their child’s education, and


• to eliminate child labor


• to collaborate with local schools to mainstream the children at the primary level


• to provide an annual health check ups for the children


• Teachers observe and report health issues.


Kalighat Street School Student Saved from Blindness


In January, the Rashbehari Street School teacher, Rina Chakraborty, noticed that one of her students, 7 year old Baishakhi Mandal, was having difficulty reading her letters. The child was immediately taken to Nihar Munsi Eye Hospital for treatment and a very difficult surgery was undertaken by Capt Munshi. Baishaki’s parents did not have any financial resources to fall back and the Mission took it upon itself to bear all expenses for the surgery. Twice surgery was done for both of her eyes, and by God’s grace today she has completely normal eye sight & leading a healthy life.


Tree Plantation: 4 kms and 20,000 Saplings have been planted by SHGs in Gosaba and Hingalganj along the levee walkways in cooperation with Forestry Department.


These trees will help prevent soil erosion in the monsoon season & will also beautify the areas, and will also reduce the pollution stress The trees provide high quality furniture wood, so if they ever need to be partially harvested, the economic value will be high.


Pond Cleaning: Villagers are educated and motivated in their efforts of cleaning & taking proper care of ponds to improve community health standards.


Solar Light Program: At Sundarbans’ Gosaba and Hingalganj Projects, 30 family homes have been equipped with solar power through the support of LDLM.


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