Homeopathic Medical Care

Homeopathic Medical Care:

Since 1987 Mission decided to provide medical help through Homeopathy and has been healing and curing hundreds of thousands of urban slum, street dwellers and poor villagers in the project areas of Sunderbans. Two Mobile Clinics visit more than 35 slums of Calcutta and treat destitute on the streets. 11 Outdoor Clinics in the slums cater to thousands of ailing patients living in the scanty slums. More than 200,000 patients are treated free of cost in both the urban slums and also in the remotest villages of Sunderbans where medical facilities are rare.

Acute and chronic diseases are successfully cured through the team of expert homeopathic doctors and paramedics without creating any side effects.


Our doctors collaborate with diagnostic centers for pathology testing and provide referral services to other health agencies for advanced treatments as needed.



Bicycling Homeopathic Doctor Heals Patient’s Severely Infected Throat

Dr. Hare Krishna Bor, has been serving as LDLM’s homeopathic physician in the Hingalganj area of the Sundarbans for more than 20 years. Dedication personified he rides his bicycle to remote & virtually inaccessible villages to see patients offering his expert services voluntarily.. Dr. Bor’s patient, Sachindra Mandal, had such advanced throat infection in the glands that his throat was badly swollen & was almost completely shut when he came to see the doctor. It was one of the critical & life threatening case but Dr Bor’s immaculate diagnosis & boundless care & affection helped him to recover completely in only 6 weeks .

Vision and Eye Care


Regular Eye Camps are conducted both in the Calcutta city slums and also our Project areas in the Sunderbans in collaboration with Dr.Nihar Munsi Eye Foundation, offering free eye testing, eye care education, and referral for advanced eye care and cataract surgeries. More than 2000 IOL cataract microsurgeries have been done for free for the poorest of the project areas.

This is an on going project as the screening for the cataract both in the slums and villages continue every month and cataract micro surgeries are carried on round the year.




With no hospitals or doctors in the region, the people of Gosaba, South 24 Parganas, requested the Mission for Eye Care facilities. Dr. Vasudev Naskar now goes to Bijaynagar village in Gosaba on the last Wednesday of every month, to see patients from 11-4 pm.


Around 70-80 people attend the clinic to seek medical help each month.They are given proper eye care guidance, and receive a free eye check ups. Spectacles are provided when needed, and those who are diagnosed with cataracts are sent to Nihar Munsi Eye Hospital, for free Cataract Micro Surgery.

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